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4 August 2021

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Core Themes





Be Future-Ready with SIT

In support of Singapore’s national SkillsFuture movement, SIT offers professional development programmes and courses to aid the upskilling and reskilling of Singapore’s workforce. From short courses to part-time degree programmes, the course curriculum integrates learning with hands-on application with the objective of building individual and workplace competencies. In addition, SIT has launched the Industrial Doctorate and Masters programmes aimed at training research manpower for industry at the postgraduate level on an in-employment basis, to upskill and transform the local industry.

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Centre for Professional and Continuing Education ([email protected])

Drawing upon expertise from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore’s world-renowned faculty and strong industrial connections to develop quality content, [email protected] offers a wide range of programmes and courses for working professionals that are curated from various disciplines and conducted via different learning platforms. By offering short courses to semester-long courses, [email protected] aims to equip professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) with cutting edge knowledge and skills to keep pace with the rapid technological changes in today's increasingly competitive economy and industrial landscape. Playing a crucial coordinating role between SkillsFuture Singapore, the Ministry of Education and various NTU’s entities in promoting CET and lifelong learning, the centre administers various initiatives including Graduate, and Specialist certificates, SGUS and SGUP-CT programmes, professional development courses, Regional Executive Programme, In-house Training programmes, and the Student Immersion Programme.

Lifelong Learning with NUS

Leveraging the multidisciplinary expertise of 17 schools and faculties, NUS provides industry-relevant lifelong learning and professional education, from graduate programmes to customisable executive courses.

Our programmes are guided by the Singapore government’s Industry Transformation Maps, focusing on emerging skills areas identified under the SkillsFuture Series.

Whether you are interested in professional advancement, career change, or simply want to engage in continuous learning, NUS has a plethora of modular and short courses; professional, executive, specialist, and graduate certificates; as well as new Masters by Coursework degrees for you to choose from.

SMU Academy

Since its inception, Singapore Management University (SMU) has built a strong reputation as an innovative and progressive management university with a well-established interactive pedagogy incorporating business cases and strong links with business and industry. The Academy, with its pillars of Financial Services, Human Capital Management & Leadership, Technology & Intelligent Systems, and Service, Operations & Business Improvement, leverages SMU’s reputation and linkages to prepare our workforce with the competencies, skills upgrading and career resilience required for the future economy.

Learning Never Stops.
Upskill Yourself Today!

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is a university with a rich heritage in inspiring lifelong education and transforming society through social sciences. We develop work-ready graduates and work-adaptive alumni to their fullest potential through our 3H’s education philosophy – ‘Head’ for professional competency with applied knowledge, ‘Heart’ for social awareness of the needs of the society, and ‘Habit’ for passion towards lifelong learning.

We offer more than 80 undergraduate and graduate programmes, available in full- and part-time study modes which are flexible, modular and inter-disciplinary, catering to both fresh school leavers and adult learners. SUSS also offers a broad range of continuing education and training modular courses for the professional skills upgrading of Singapore's workforce.

Reskill And Upskill With SUTD Academy

SUTD Academy provides skills-based professional education and training courses for working professionals at various levels of seniority and experience whether you are a job-seeker or a mid-career switcher.

To ensure that your skills and knowledge stay relevant, we work with industry leaders and co-designed our curriculum with the adult learner in mind; ensuring learners acquire skills and develop expertise through our hands-on approach to learning and applying these skills back to the workplace.

We focus on emerging skills such as Cybersecurity, Data Science, Design Innovation, Urban Solutions, Advanced Manufacturing, Tech-enabled Services, and Digital Media.

Through our micro-credentials (Graduate Certificate and ModularMaster Certificate) programme, learners acquire the skills that are relevant to their careers while recognising their academic progress.

Learners joining our micro-credential programmes are guided by our career coaches through a structured Career Facilitation Programme.

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Upgrade Your Skills. Upgrade Your Career.

ITE offers an extensive range of courses for school leavers and adult learners at three state-of-the-art Colleges to equip them with new skillsets for better job prospects and career progression. These are grouped in career clusters, namely Applied & Health Sciences, Business & Services, Design & Media, Electronics & InfoComm Technology, Engineering and Hospitality. To equip adult learners for the fast evolving economy, ITE jointly develops and conducts the ITE Work-Study Diplomas with industry partners. Besides the Nitec and Higher Nitec courses, ITE also conducts a wide range of SkillsFuture courses on critical and emerging skills, and a variety of short courses to cater for professional development and personal enrichment. ITE accredits companies with structured OJT framework and practices through its Certified On-the-Job Training Centres (COJTC) scheme, and industry trainers through its Train The Trainer programme.

Upskill and Enhance Your Career Opportunities

At Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), we help learners stay relevant and ahead of the curve with our full suite of Continuing Education and Training (CET) options for lifelong learning. From specialist and advanced diplomas, to short courses and SkillsFuture programmes, NYP offers learners a strong boost towards their career goals. Our robust network of industry connections allow us to design programmes that prepare our learners for work and life through relevant curricula and deep capabilities. They also get real-world training through work immersions and industry projects.

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Learning, Your Agility For Life.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Continuing Education & Training (CET) Academy has trained and supported over 180,000 learners since 1985. NP CET Academy enables and empowers working adults to gain new skills, stay relevant and remain employable in today’s global and fast-changing economy. We aim to engage and collaborate with organisations to foster lifelong learning in their corporate learning and development framework, and help adult learners navigate the ever-changing world through skills-upgrading and reskilling.

Republic Polytechnic Academy of Continuing Education (RP ACE)

Republic Polytechnic's Academy for Continuing Education (RP ACE) was established in response to a national effort to promote lifelong learning. Our objective is to provide learners with opportunities to acquire new and employable skills and capabilities, thus allowing them to stay relevant in the current knowledge-based global economy.

The rigour of our programmes ensures that our learners receive timely, highly relevant and holistic education that aligns with their learning needs.

RP ACE offers a diverse range of industry-recognised courses that are approved by the Ministry of Education and SkillsFuture Singapore. These include Part-time Diplomas, Specialist Diplomas, SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes, short courses and workshops, as well as customised programmes for corporate training.

Upskill And Reskill With Singapore Polytechnic PACE Academy

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has been training and developing the local workforce since 1954. As the focal point for Continuing Education and Training (CET), SP Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy provides new and effective pathways for learners of all ages to develop their skills and knowledge to adapt and stay competitive in an ever-changing workplace.

PACE Academy offers more than 400 formalised qualification programmes, including more than 50 Part-Time Diplomas and Post-Diplomas and a wide range of short industry-relevant courses to meet the training needs of individuals and corporations.

All PACE Academy courses are aligned with the National Skills Frameworks (SFw) and Industry Transformation Maps (ITM), and designed with the adult learner in mind by applying the appropriate andragogy and committing the best training resources.

Temasek Skillsfuture Academy: Develop Future Skills, Drive Employability

Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA) is committed to the SkillsFuture initiatives and the professional development of adult learners.

We offer different types of programmes to facilitate adult learners in acquiring valuable knowledge and to developing relevant skills to meet the challenges of the future economy.